Traditional cream cake with blueberries and raspberries - lactosefree

Sugar cake base: WHEAT flour, sugar, EGG, baking powder Moisturizing water: Water, mixed berry juice (strawberry, black back and lingonberry, wild berry aroma) Filling: WHEAT CREAM (CREAM, stabilizer (E407)), Vegetable fat preparation (fully hardened vegetable oils and fats (palm kernel) oils (sunflower), sugar, stabilizers (E420ii, E463), MILK protein, emulsifiers (E472e, sunflower lecithin), salt, flavorings, color (E160), Raspberry filling (sugar, dextrose, bovine gelatine, dried raspberry, glucose syrup powder, beetroot dye, acidity regulator (E330), natural flavor), Blueberry jam (blueberry 40%, sugar, water, thickeners (E1422 (corn), E406), acidity regulators (E330, E333), aroma, preservative (E202) On: WHEAT CREAM, vegetable fat preparation (see above), sugar, blueberry, raspberry, queen jam (sugar, raspberry 30%, blueberry 10%, water, starch syrup, modified potato starch, thickener (E440), acidity regulators (E330, E331, E333), preservative (E202), flavorings) hot gelling agent (sugar, water, glucose syrup, gelling agent (E440), acidity regulator (E330), preservative (E202), thickener (E410)) LACTOSE FREE ALLERGENS: GLUTEN / EGG / MILK / SOY

Queen Cake

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